This morning I thought about our newly crafted blog here and wondered when the next zufall would befall us. A simple conversation at lunch about AT&T U-verse and switching off Comcast was quickly followed by the AT&T U-verse truck nearly running us over as we crossed the street. 

TTC 10 minutes

But that was too easy. That could not be a coincidence, and let’s face it, the U-verse truck’s job is to drive around the neighborhood and make people wait the full 4-hour window in their homes for their appointed time. No, that could not be our coincidence.

Enter Dark & Stormy. Once again I turn to my random next bookmarklet and come across a recipe for a Moscow Mule and a Dark & Stormy. A nice recipe and one I am certain to try, especially since yesterday I watched The Mindy Project (I know, my man card was already turned in) and out of nowhere in the middle of the show, the guy asks for a Dark & Stormy from his “best friend.” Now since I don’t know this drink, I Wikipedia’d it and posted it to Facebook. The only thing left is for the next bar I walk into to have a special on D&S.  Weird.

TTC 24 hours