So you’re having a baby…

…good for you?  Are you ready or are you freaking out?  One of my colleagues today mentioned that he had to sit through four different birth movies.  4!  That is the same number of Scream movies BTW! I don’t know what they put in the water at work or the wine at church but it […]


Welcome to Zoofall.  Zoofall is a take on “zufall” or “coincidence” in German (don’t ask why German, but I am sure it will become important within 24 hours). When I was around 12 years old I had a dream one night that I could not see. For some reason I was blind in the dream. […]

Baby I’m Not Going In There

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a good date rape song on the radio every five minutes, so hold on to your kerchief and snuggle close, this one is going to be bumpy: Have you ever stopped to listen to the words in “Baby, Its Cold Outside?” I have to admit, I hadn’t. I blame it […]

Oh Yeah? How many can YOU say?

—A few weeks ago, B went to France and I had G all to myself for 10 days! The result was we could do what we wanted when we wanted with no schedule and it was great! During that time I discovered that G had finally figured out there is a difference between Chinese and […]

Taipei Zoo Panda

Taipei Zoo PandaOriginally uploaded by beuk We finally made it to the Taipei Zoo to see the pandas on loan fromChina.

Look what Jalopyhead taught me!

Seriously, I have been looking for this ability for the longest time now and all the while it is under my nose. I can make 4,6,8, etc pictures into one! How cool is that. It is part of Picasa’s program. I never knew to look for it in Picasa (yes, I must RTFM). Today, I […]