Welcome to Zoofall.  Zoofall is a take on “zufall” or “coincidence” in German (don’t ask why German, but I am sure it will become important within 24 hours).

When I was around 12 years old I had a dream one night that I could not see. For some reason I was blind in the dream. The next morning when I awoke and walked down stairs I accidentally stepped on my glasses which had been put on the edge of the stairs to go up. Coincidence? I think not!

Ever since then I have noticed several strange occurrences. I will regularly think of something or need something and then it will happen. Usually the events are very strange and unrelated and will never be mentioned again. It is very eerie when it occurs. My wife thought I was crazy, but as I now point them out to her she is starting to think I am on to something.

This blog will be my space to chronicle some of these. Unfortunately, I can not go back in time and remember all of the ones that have occurred, but no worries. The rate they are happening I should have plenty of material. Enjoy!.