Work complete

If you have not noticed, I have changed my site a lot.  It has not been difficult, but there is a lot to test when moving from Blogger to WordPress.  In the coming weeks I will make it look more "human" and less template, but for now I'm about 90% there.  If you find a […]

iPad and Star Trek

Everyone seems to be so down on the iPad.  Calling it names, saying it has no camera, it won't be as useful as a mac.  I disagree!  I am attached at the hip to my iPhone.  About the only time I don't use it is to watch movies or surf the internet.  For that I […]

Oh, Crap!

Seriously, does taking a dump need to be this difficult? At the customersite where I am working they just installed these new toilet “lids”. NOTE:It does not change the actual function of having to flush the toilet byyourself. No infrared sensor. No motion sensor. You still have to pullthe handle. On the contrary, it provides […]