If you have not noticed, I have changed my site a lot.  It has not been difficult, but there is a lot to test when moving from Blogger to WordPress.  In the coming weeks I will make it look more "human" and less template, but for now I'm about 90% there.  If you find a problem with the site please feel free to tell me.

The biggest change you will notice is that the site is now BeukTV.com.  This is because for 6 years I have been unable to explain to people that .tv is a standard domain extension.  I used to get all kinds of questions and even though people eventually mastered how to spell Beuk, they never got the hang of Beuk.tv.  No sense putting your content in an area no one can find.  Also, my mom and wife can't access .tv sites from work.  For these reasons, I have moved everything to .com.  Don't worry, https://beuk.tv will still get you to the right place, it will just take a bit of redirection after that.

P.S.:  This image was stolen from a site called: www.woodentoysuk.com  That is Wooden Toys UK, not Wooden Toys Suk as when I first read it. 
Wooden toys definitely do not suck.

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