Rules 4-5

IT is my third trip to Shanghai and I am here to stay.  In my brief time here I am trying to observe as much as possible and not get killed at the same time.  This is difficult to do as I have been jetlagged most of the first week (hey, the dog is jet lagged too, so stop with the tiny violins J


Continuing from Rules 1-3 here:


RULE 4:  Do not cross the street jetlagged.  This is a take off of Rule 1, but an important lesson to learn by hearsay and not from experience.  It is crazy at the street corners.  There are lights that tell you when you “HAVE A CHANCE TO CROSS”  When the light turns green, locals will step off the sidewalk and begin to cross the street.  This does not mean that cars (RULE 1), bikes, motor bikes, trucks, etc… will stop turning or stop coming through the street.  It only means that you MAY have less of a risk of getting smashed during the green light.  There is a count down clock 10-9-8-which tells you how many seconds you have until your life expectancy chances will decrease again.  The best trick I have found so far is use one of the locals as a shield or find the biggest slowest moving truck and walk with his bumper until you can make a dive for the curb.  There is a sign (which I will get a picture of), which I think means no motorcycles on the sidewalk from 7am-7pm.  Well, thank goodness.  I was crazy in London for telling my friends to look each way when the traffic was reversed.  That was nothing.  Here look every way, look every way again, run very fast, and pray a lot…


RULE 5:  Don’t drink Chinese wine.  I will not go into this.  I will not beat discuss how Chinese wine sucks.  Don’t drink Chinese wine.




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