Not all those who wander are lost

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Home Schooling

Bzzztttt…. Pop…..eeeek…. testing, testing is this thing on??? No time like Friday the 13th and a global pandemic to dust off this blog and get back to the “interwebs”. The family is alive and well and living north of the border in Canada and on this auspicious day we are coming to grips with the …

This series is crazy!

The average goals in the NHL during the 2013-14 season were 5.3. Now consider the following regarding the Blackhawks and Kings: Game : Total Goals Game 1: 4 Game 2: 8 Game 3: 7 Game 4: 7 Game 5: 9 Game 6: 7 Game 7: 7 (at 2nd period…) Averaging 7! goals per game¬†well, above …

Way to go Blackhawks

Way to go Hawks. You gave me a heart attack with 10 seconds in the 3rd, but good on ya for the guts to pull it out. Can’t wait to take my daughter to her 2nd Stanley Cup parade in Chicago!!!

If you like Hockey, you’ll love Water Polo

If you like hockey, you’ll love water polo. Mike Emrick is broadcasting the play by play for women’s water polo (and men’s?) at the Olympics. As I listen to the game at work I hear his voice and have to be reminded that this is in a pool and not on ice. Especially since there …