Gratitude or Not My Week?

This has not been my week. It started on Sunday when I thought I was in the clear, but ended up in a fight over dog poop with the missus. With my self-esteem in the toilet I had to* play soccer on Tuesday night only to cost the team the win for a 2-2 tie […]

Go Hawks

Two goals in 1:30! Dude next to us puts his son on his shoulders. He’s gonna have a heart attack!! Go Hawks!

Jack Mansion

We are in India and having a lovely time. Today we met Jack’s parents when we took a trip to Jack Mansion. (We did confirm that there is also a Bonita Mansion, for Jack’s sister.) Gioia danced and we ate some of the best sweets ever! We lost the baby seat, when our driver decided […]

Stopped by the police today – TWICE!

Now I know what you are thinking: Chris is back behind the wheel after a two year hiatus and therefore he must be driving very fast, again. Well, that is not the case :P In fact I am the slow one on the interstate. Just ask my sister, who can not believe how slow I […]

LA Mafia?

I don’t know enough about the L.A. crime scene besides what I can assume happens behind closed doors at the Chinese Theater and what I saw in L.A. Confidential, but “me thinks I smell a rat.” The first story that caught my attention was of the Korean couple trapped in the snow for nine days. […]