My Ride to Work

Ride to work from Chris B. on Vimeo. Having a good time playing with my GoPro and more importantly the editor.  It is pretty simple to take some footage and apply it to a template. Actually, makes my ride to work look cool!  Thank goodness there wasn’t an accident this time.

Meet me at the store with the bike!

All three of these are stores in Wicker Park. None of them are LBS’s (local bike shops). I’d love to see the metrics on if a vintage bike in the window increases sales. Then again, it IS Wicker Park. They could just be employee bikes.

#4 Balance Bikes

I had been discussing a balance bike for kiddo #2 with B for quite some time now.  I was also wondering if I could simply remove the cranks and wheels from kiddo #1’s bike and create the same thing. If you are not familiar with the balance bike.  It is basically a small bike, sometimes […]

How do you transport a family of four?

Hand me down pink helmets and bicycles (tri-cycles?) built for two. This is how we rode to the Lincoln Park Fest this past weekend. G and B ride the tandem while the boys are on the mountain bike and baby seat. All in all not too shabby. I am convinced that G and B on […]

Aiee! A mountain is following me!

Aiee! A mountain is following me! Originally uploaded by beuk Baby G went to Daddys office today. A bike ride, an elevator ride, in the 101 and a look from on high at Toys R Us and all the fountains at the same time. What fun!