Street Model

Street Model Originally uploaded by beuk Somebody was a pill today even though we went to a park, played on the slide, ate noodles, rode bikes, and saw fish. At least she looked cute!

I love the iPhone!

Yes, I broke down and bought the iPhone. “Broke down” is not quite the right phrase. In truth all other phones were merely a string of waiting rooms until the iPhone arrived. Let me back up a few months. I used to be a die hard Sony Ericsson fan. Buying …

Home with Daddy

Rebecca took off to the US today for 8 whole days! G and I are both very sad. G walked around asking for “mama” all morning. Funny thing was, I was asking for the same thing. So, to bring us out of our slump I got the bike out and …


Today was G’s first bike ride, followed shortly by G’s first bike crash. The tires new, the road slick from rain, daddy went over and hurt his hip, Baby G is fine. Now who is laughing at us for buying baby a helmet?