Why education?

Education affects everything. From lowering mortality rates and birth defects to improving health — the benefits of education are seen at all levels of life. Education lowers crime rates, risk of exploitation and is the best way to break the poverty cycle. This is why I’ve decided to participate with Effect.org, an international nonprofit opening schools and leading volunteer expeditions to create opportunity for vulnerable children and their communities.

What am I doing?

This year, Effect.org will take a group of volunteers from Google, Adobe and Salesforce to New Delhi, India on a seven day expedition. During the first 4 days, we’ll learn about various aspects of illiteracy by visiting government schools, witnessing the importance of education in the villages and the city to understand their biggest challenges.

Joining forces with local stakeholders, nonprofit leaders and engineers, we’ll understand the biggest barriers they face in their crucial work. Then, we’ll develop solutions and build innovative tools to create change during a Hackathon!

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