Recommended greetings: Namaste

My travels to India and Nepal showed me wonderful ways to greet people without touching. While this video is a little silly, I think it shows us a mechanism to use to greet without contact.

Back to India…

Why education? Education affects everything. From lowering mortality rates and birth defects to improving health — the benefits of education are seen at all levels of life. Education lowers crime rates, risk of exploitation and is the best way to break the poverty cycle. This is why I’ve decided to participate with, an international […]

Indian currency abolished

We were having breakfast yesterday and during a break in the conversation, I heard that that the currency had been abolished.  What?  How did I miss this?  I pulled these notes from my wallet.  Due to regular travels, I typically have a lot of reserve currency from past trips.  I thought I was so smart […]

Back in Abu Dhabi

“Here I go again on my own.  Walking down the only road I’ve ever known. Like a drifter I was born to walk alone…” Well, maybe not alone, but I am back in Abu Dhabi for the second time in 12 months. I’m sitting in the same seat where I first met Diana on our […]

That famous Taiwan smile

                            While some people (cough, cough) may think I am a “geek” in this photo, I was proud to pull off a “Taiwan” smile for a picture in (??) India!  Actually, I was just having a lot of fun  posing for the […]

Jack Mansion

We are in India and having a lovely time. Today we met Jack’s parents when we took a trip to Jack Mansion. (We did confirm that there is also a Bonita Mansion, for Jack’s sister.) Gioia danced and we ate some of the best sweets ever! We lost the baby seat, when our driver decided […]