Not sure if you can read this or not but it is an article about how a Chinese publisher “could not find” the German version of Grimm’s fairytales and so they used a Japanese version. Turns out it was a pornographic version with Snow White sleeping with her father and the dwarves (is that an orgy?). A few things:
1. I love reading the South China Morning Post for exactly these type of messed up stories. 2. Why does Japan have to have a porno version of Snow White? (yeah, don’t answer that)
3. The translator didn’t question what he/she was translating? “Whoops Snow White and Doc are in the mine shaft again, tee hee.”
4. Here is the kicker (and SO Chinese), they translated the Japanese version but listed only the Brothers Grimm as the authors. Really? If publishing house do not get it right why should we expect students to? 

I’m just glad I didn’t pick this up for G for Christmas. I feel sorry for the publishers, and hope the story has a happy ending. :p

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