Stormtroopers, Here we come!

Mark my words, we will have stormtroopers soon. This is the first step. Apparently, this company has developed glasses to measure the temperature of mass amounts of people all at once. While I think this is super cool personally, I recognize that we are one step away from having this built into all white bio […]


Welcome to Zoofall.  Zoofall is a take on “zufall” or “coincidence” in German (don’t ask why German, but I am sure it will become important within 24 hours). When I was around 12 years old I had a dream one night that I could not see. For some reason I was blind in the dream. […]

Sea Glass

I went to Manly Beach (real name!) and found 4 handfuls of sea glass in about 30 minutes. I even got the local kids wondering what this crazy American accented guy was doing on the rocks. So, many good pieces. And I was worried I wouldn’t find any. Ps. If you go take the fast […]

Boarding efficiency.

Clearly I travel a lot. Planes all the time and a wife who needs a camera for Christmas so she can remember what I look like. What gets me (today) is the way airlines in 50 years of aviation history have not figured out how to board planes. Let me help you with my years […]

Moving Day

My sis moved today using Chicago’s In&Out (sic) Movers. Here are all the things they did NOT take including: 2 TVs, 2 table tops, 2 stands, a radio, speakers, a fan, multiple paintings, a globe, etc…  WTF? Who calls themselves a moving company and does this? You move the table but not the glass? Never, […]

SwineFlu takes a break

SwineFlu takes a break Originally uploaded by beuk Whitening sunscreen – check.Umbrella to protect freakishly white skin from sun – check.Mask to protect from swine flu – check. Now, remove mask* and take smoke break because THAT is not going tokill you. One question: How does the swine flu KNOW not to enter yourmouth when […]