Egg ‘Scuse Me.
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So, the picture is a bit blurry because I was racing to get my camera out,

but basically the guy on the bike is delivering… Eggs. Not eggs in

cartons, but that whole lil plastic milk crate bungee’d on to his bicycle is

filled with eggs. He is also riding like a bat out of hell on the sidewalk,

but we will talk about that in another post. I gotta ask: How many eggs

does he break in this mode? His basket was full of eggs and there was no

cardboard or cushioning in there, I have to think that he breaks more this

way then if he took the time to package them, but hey we need our omelettes.

Some rules on eggs:

1. If it looks “normal” (ie. You would eat it in the US) don’t touch it.

It will taste like crap or at least be so salty. This (unlike crossing the

street) is one of those lessons that you can learn by trying it yourself and

it will not kill you, it will just be nasty.

2. If it looks brown with black yolk, or dark green, or is called a 100

year old egg, eat it! Surprisingly, these eggs taste the closest to what we

think of as eggs in the US, which leads me to think, if the Chinese, who are

probably taking the eggs straight out of the chickens but and to your table

(note: Delivery Boy), what is the US doing to the eggs to make them look all

nice and white and wholesome. Did some marketing company decide that we

like our eggs white instead of brown? Maybe I should take a trip to the

farm, on second thought I am in China, maybe not.