Clear the sidewalk!

Clear the sidewalk!
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The first time I saw this sign, I thought it meant that motorbikes and

bicycles were not allowed on the sidewalk from 7-7. Silly me, bikes are

always allowed on the sidewalk, including scooters, push bikes, motorcycles,

and 2 wheels and an engine held together with twine and spit. I would wager

that at some point people will not be allowed on the sidewalk during a busy


No, this sign means that this street is particularly busy and bikes are not

allowed on this street during these hours. Sort of like trucks are not

allowed on LSD in Chicago (Lake Shore Drive). What is weird, and I will

have to find this pic for you, is that there comes a point that a street is

too busy and too dangerous to allow bikes??? When I show you the

intersection outside our house you will understand my confusion. Our

intersection is so busy (How busy is it) that when the light changes you can

not tell. The cars, people, and bikes continue to drive in any direction,

such that the only way to know which way the traffic is going is by looking

at the light. Any surface on the ground is valid to drive over too: grass,

asphalt, stone, sidewalk, my foot. I learned a valuable lesson. When you

hear a honk behind you, stand still. This is not how your brain is wired,

you want to get out of the way, but that will just confuse the mad scooter

driver behind you and his 3mm clearance to miss you will drop to 1.5mm and

he runs the risk of feeling the stubble on your cheek from not shaving. So

just stand still and they will drive around you like you are some orange

cone at driving school. I will learn one of these days :)

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