So, I just got off the phone with my Dad and he asked if I had hung any pictures yet?  Well, this is harder then it sounds.  The walls in our apartment are concrete, which means I either bend many a nail trying to dig into the wall, or I end up chipping a coffee saucer size piece of the concrete away, and then precariously place the one thing (a clock) that we have managed to hang on the wall to date.


I was informed of the correct way to hang something on concrete:

1.  Buy a special concrete drill to pre-drill a hole

2.  Put concrete sinks into the hole to allow for screws/nails

3.  Mount screws/nails


The problem with this approach and hanging pictures is that there is very little room for error, in that if you are off by an inch, you will need to redo this whole process all over again. 


Here is the Chinese way:

  1. Blow/Smash a hole in the concrete where you want to hang something
  2. Find a piece of scrap wood, and break it down until it is approximately the size and shape of the smashed hole.
  3. Shove said piece of wood in hole.
  4. Hang pictures as normal.


You might laugh, but we have heard that if you hire some people to come hang pictures for you, this is what will happen.  HINT:  When you come to our house, do not look behind the paintings J