A lil Easter song

After the kiddos, who normally would sleep until 8, raced downstairs to see if the Easter Bunny came during Corona, I made up this lil Easter song. Enjoy! Strummed slowly. Ukulele chords. Transpose up 5 for guitar. MAKING WAFFLES by Chris(D) Making waffles in the morning with (G) you(D) Is …


Life Lesson #42: When your nursing, stir-crazy, sleep deprived wife asks you if the coffee you just made is hers, the answer is always, “Yes, yes it is!”

#5 K-Cups

Did you know that K-Cups and Keurig coffee machines (as I saw advertised on TV and available in my hotel room) are owned by Tata who I was reading about in the NY Times WHEN THE COMMERCIAL WAS PLAYING! TTC: Instant!


Some people smuggle diamonds. Some gold. Me? 小兔子(lil rabbits). Wifey sent me on a quest: “Go get me a rabbit” so here I am in Hong Kong, sweating in my suit in 70F while the locals don scarves and North Face the size of the Stay Puff marshmallow man, hobbling …

Just like Starbucks

2 years later after getting it unpacked, finding all the pieces, and running the decalcifier we have resurrected the coffee machine (yay!). Now one evening of remembering how to make lattes and B is ready to take her coffee to work. Order up!