No lie, this has got to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. I asked my mother-in-law for a Q-tip to clean my ears and she got all excited and brought out these sticks. They look like small rawhide dog toys or long thin candles. In fact, they are ear cones. They are designed to clean your ears!

The idea is that you lie down on your side, light the big end of the candle, and then wait for smoke to start coming out the little end. You can also put a plate on it to protect your face in case anything falls off while burning. Then stick it in your ear (just a little bit). It takes about 15 minutes. You will not feel much of anything, there is a little warmth, and some slight suction. You also hear a little crackling which just sounds like the flame at the top end of the cone.

At the end of it you are supposed to just throw away the cone. Of course, we did not do this. We cut the cone open to see what was inside and… “Oh, my god!” … It was gross. There was yellow powder and brown goop like you would not believe. A good 2 inches at the bottom of the cone was filled with this stuff. You would not believe that amount of stuff that came out of one ear. In fact, you feel so fresh and clean in one ear, you immediately want to do it again in the other.

I was doubtful too, but it is simple and works, and you will be disgusted at what is literally between your ears :P

They are known as Ear cones or Indian smudge cones
ear candles