Work complete

If you have not noticed, I have changed my site a lot.  It has not been difficult, but there is a lot to test when moving from Blogger to WordPress.  In the coming weeks I will make it look more "human" and less template, but for now I'm about 90% there.  If you find a […]

Aiee! A mountain is following me!

Aiee! A mountain is following me! Originally uploaded by beuk Baby G went to Daddys office today. A bike ride, an elevator ride, in the 101 and a look from on high at Toys R Us and all the fountains at the same time. What fun!

AHHhH!~ "No Mr. Turtle!"

AHHhH!~ "No Mr. Turtle!" Originally uploaded by beuk Baby G has Kinetophobia – an irrational fear of moving things. It started with Tickle Me Elmo (Really Tickle Me Zoey). The lil orange doll would shake and laugh when you squeezed it. G was paranoid. She would run screaming from it. Then there was Auto Bubble […]

I love the iPhone!

Yes, I broke down and bought the iPhone. “Broke down” is not quite the right phrase. In truth all other phones were merely a string of waiting rooms until the iPhone arrived. Let me back up a few months. I used to be a die hard Sony Ericsson fan. Buying the latest and greatest camera […]

Kicking and Screaming

So, today we had tons of errands. One of those of course was to head to Toys R US to see the new Star Wars Lego. (I can hear my friend Jack sighing now.) Don’t worry I won’t bore you about that. The important part here is the Lego table in the Lego section. G […]

OMG its plastic!

So, I guess once you have a kiddo there is not much else to talk about, but what the kid does. We just got G a plastic lil car dashboard. I say just got, because we had to wait and make sure Mom approved. It is after all plastic which is a big taboo in […]