Long weekend

After a long (2) weekends of constructing 3 beds in the kids rooms as well as my son's Lego, this lil guy describes exactly how I feel :)

Where in the world is Carmen Beukenkamp?

This is a “fracking” small town. All I have to say is, if you haven’t been here, then you don’t know DIK. This is the kind of airport my 2 year old builds out of Lego, with just one plane. And I’m out.

#6 – Lego swords

This afternoon I had a thought, why not take all the Lego swords and make a throne from Game of Thrones.  Plus, why not use the dwarf legs, blonde hair, and lion crests to make characters.  Seems my great ideas come late to the party. http://www.brothers-brick.com/2013/06/15/maegor-the-cruel-was-murdered-in-that-chair/

Oh Happy Day

Twenty minutes into dinner Gioia pipes up with, “I’ve got some interesting news, I found Black R2D2!” You would have been surprised at the amount of shock on our faces. You see, we have been searching for Black R2D2 (aka. R2-Q5, aka. R2 ‘my brotha’) since December 13th. How do I I know? Because we […]

AHHhH!~ "No Mr. Turtle!"

AHHhH!~ "No Mr. Turtle!" Originally uploaded by beuk Baby G has Kinetophobia – an irrational fear of moving things. It started with Tickle Me Elmo (Really Tickle Me Zoey). The lil orange doll would shake and laugh when you squeezed it. G was paranoid. She would run screaming from it. Then there was Auto Bubble […]