AHHhH!~ "No Mr. Turtle!"
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Baby G has Kinetophobia – an irrational fear of moving things.

It started with Tickle Me Elmo (Really Tickle Me Zoey). The lil orange doll would shake and laugh when you squeezed it. G was paranoid. She would run screaming from it. Then there was Auto Bubble Stitch who blew bubbles by raising and lowering his arm. Nope. G even knew which closet we hid him in and would not go near it. Lately it is two bath toys: One is a duck with a fish in his mouth that kicks when you pull the fish out and this one, Mr. Turtle who we thought she would love because she loves turtles and loves swimming.
Nope. She won’t even go to that side of the tub because the turtle is there.

I am kind of torn between scooping her in my arms to soothe her fears and threatening her that if she does not eat, Mr. Turtle will come get her and we will go dig Zoey out of the trash (don’t worry Grandma, J.K.). Instead we have tried reason and bang the toy around showing her the screws and taking it apart like Lego. So far no progress.

Any advice would be welcome? Seriously tell me, or I’ll sick Stitch on you!