Twenty minutes into dinner Gioia pipes up with, “I’ve got some interesting news, I found Black R2D2!” You would have been surprised at the amount of shock on our faces.

You see, we have been searching for Black R2D2 (aka. R2-Q5, aka. R2 ‘my brotha’) since December 13th. How do I I know? Because we are going through the Star Wars advent calendar. Daddy was not here on the 13th and missed seeing him. Usually the Legos are little models but every once and awhile you get a figure (still seeking Yoda Santa). R2 being one of the coolest yet I really wanted to see him but he was lost almost as soon as he was assembled. Today Gioia found him hidden in a lil snowman box used for Christmas. We are so happy to welcome R2 back among his other fellow Lego figures and so proud of G for finding him. (Seriously, things are a lil weird around here right now). Now that we have made the child as OCD as Daddy we can start looking for the missing Princess Leia.

It should also be noted that even though Black R2D2 was lost this did not prohibit me from making racially inappropriate comments such as, “Squeek, Sqwak, My Homie!”

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