We need to pull each other up, not put each other down.

It is interesting to me that these days we are all about putting each other down. Take a moment to search any news source on Twitter and watch the rabbit hole into which you will delve. People hating people and no end in site. ¬†Politics is stuck. Neither side is budging. There is no compromise […]

Singapore Airlines – How I love you

I cannot say enough good things about Singapore Airlines (SA). As someone who travels internationally and domestically every month of the year and who owns a passport that looks like a well-loved teddy bear headed off to college, I have seen my fair share of airlines. My recent meetings in Sydney with major retailers and […]

What NOT to get your child for Christmas

Not sure if you can read this or not but it is an article about how a Chinese publisher “could not find” the German version of Grimm’s fairytales and so they used a Japanese version. Turns out it was a pornographic version with Snow White sleeping with her father and the dwarves (is that an […]

Hummer Cafe

Got to sit for a spell at the Hummer Cafe in Tokyo. Bad food, no neat souvenirs, but lots of Hummers!

Shibuya Hachiko exit

I managed to find the NW Hachiko exit at Shibuya station.  This is the crazy giant pedestrian crossing with 3 mega TVs and people crossing in every which direction.  If you have ever seen a picture of movie demonstrating just how many people are in Japan, then you have seen this intersection.  Apparently there is […]