Oh Mommy, I am ready for winter!

Oh Mommy, I am ready for winter! Originally uploaded by beuk Mommy I miss you while you are in Japan. Say hi to Obama-san for me.Don’t worry about the cold. I am all set. Love -G

MiCasa is CrapOla

Ok, ok, if you follow me at all, you know I love to rant. I have tried to keep quiet for some time now but with places like this in Taipei, it is just too difficult. We were out and about in Taipei on Saturday, as we are want to do, and looking for an […]

Micasa ain’t Su Casa

Micasa ain’t Su CasOriginally uploaded by be Got a lil bit excited tonight when we saw Mi Casa down by the 101. Could it be a new Mexican place? No. It is a nice Japanese restaurant. Now I am no HungryInTaipei, but the food was good especially considering we walked in 5 minutes before they […]


One of the strangest things I am doing now is taking Japanese classes. Not because that in itself is strange, but because my teacher does not speak much English. This means I mostly use Chinese to communicate and ask questions (no-no #1 in learning an Asian language). It actually works out pretty well. I routinely […]

Asia. Not so weird?

We have been here too long. These things are just not that weird to us anymore: Taiwan.The other day I saw a family of 5 on a scooter. B was shocked. I was like, “What’s the big deal.” In the U.S. you would never see that (not because of laws, because an American family of […]

Bacon, corn, pineapple, and mayo-yum!

Bacon, corn, pineapple, and mayo-yum! Originally uploaded by beuk The thought of pineapple and mayo together is bad enough. I do notunderstand the Asian fascination with throwing corn on everything. Thekicker here is it is labeled as "American taste." Yeah right. Show mewhere in America we do this. It’s expensive too! About $3.50. (seenat McDs […]