Trading Solar Energy

This is a great article on a potential future to trade energy with your neighbors.  You can quickly see how energy would be taken out of the control of regulation and left to market fluctuations.  Seems a lil MadMax to me, but solar energy is definitely the way to go.  I would love to see […]

So you’re having a baby…

…good for you?  Are you ready or are you freaking out?  One of my colleagues today mentioned that he had to sit through four different birth movies.  4!  That is the same number of Scream movies BTW! I don’t know what they put in the water at work or the wine at church but it […]

Boarding efficiency.

Clearly I travel a lot. Planes all the time and a wife who needs a camera for Christmas so she can remember what I look like. What gets me (today) is the way airlines in 50 years of aviation history have not figured out how to board planes. Let me help you with my years […]

SwineFlu takes a break

SwineFlu takes a break Originally uploaded by beuk Whitening sunscreen – check.Umbrella to protect freakishly white skin from sun – check.Mask to protect from swine flu – check. Now, remove mask* and take smoke break because THAT is not going tokill you. One question: How does the swine flu KNOW not to enter yourmouth when […]