Ok, ok, if you follow me at all, you know I love to rant. I have tried to keep quiet for some time now but with places like this in Taipei, it is just too difficult.

We were out and about in Taipei on Saturday, as we are want to do, and looking for an ice cream place. I remembered seeing a lil place 1/2 way down from city hall on RenAi Lu. Indeed we found it easily. Our first clue that something was amiss was the name, “Mi Casa.” Not the name I would have chosen for an Italian ice store. Next, when we went in all we saw was bread. Not unusual for Taiwan, as the only way Taiwanese can survive is via bread, but we did not immediately see the ice cream. After crossing the store and 1000 stares, we reached a freezer. The flavors were disconcerting. There was black olive, taro root, and pea. Yes, pea. We chose to opt instead for the traditional caramel (care-ah-mel for Sangeeth) and coffee. We were advised that if we were eating in we could get a larger portion than the take home portion. No problem we took a seat outside.

After we were settled outside we were told that in order to sit outside there was a minimum purchase and that two ice creams was not enough. What? Fine, whatever. We ordered 2 coffees to get our bill up to the minimum. Then the ice came. The caramel was … burnt. and the coffee had freezer burn. Both were inedible. This is asking saying a lot, as it takes a lot for this family to shirk ice cream. It sent B into such a tirade that she was still complaining when the lady came with coffees and didn’t pull any punches. “This is horrible.” is one of the nicest things I can quote here. Needless to say, our hopes melted much faster than the freezer burn.

Our thoughts were two-fold: We think the store is trying to make its own ice cream as the containers did not have a brand. We also think they know they don’t get repeat business, therefore the minimum fee.

If you are looking for a rest, skip this store, head to the end of the park, turn right and eat at the Ben & Jerry’s knock off. I am no Hungry In Taipei and indeed her write-up is better than mine, but even she says the caramel is burnt.