Not all those who wander are lost

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We need to pull each other up, not put each other down.

It is interesting to me that these days we are all about putting each other down. Take a moment to search any news source on Twitter and watch the rabbit hole into which you will delve. People hating people and no end in site.  Politics is stuck. Neither side is budging. There is no compromise and there is no willingness to hear the other side.

One of our favorite phrases at home is, “Everybody is crazy except you and me. And sometimes I wonder about you.” This pretty much sums up how the world is today. I feel like we are acting like the guys in the game above. Doing whatever it takes to tear others down. My question is, “and then what?” Say you succeed? Say you tear everyone around you down? Then what?  I wish I had an answer for everyone.

The closest I can come is to think of a leadership exercise that I once went through.  The room was split into two groups.  Each group was given the same stack of Duplos and told to build the tallest free standing tower that they could.  The exercise was then timed.  Each group set out to try to use the pieces in innovative ways.  Could they balance the blocks on their end and get a lil more height as opposed to interlocking?  Could they build a strong base to get maximum height?  At the end, the judges reviewed both sculptures and concluded that both teams had lost.  Lost.  The instructions were to build the tallest tower that you could, period.  There was nothing else in the rules that said you only had to use your pieces and that you could not share, that you could not both mutually benefit.  It was a humbling, but important lesson.  I wish we could play this game with America.



Some people smuggle diamonds. Some gold. Me? 小兔子(lil rabbits). Wifey sent me on a quest: “Go get me a rabbit” so here I am in Hong Kong, sweating in my suit in 70F while the locals don scarves and North Face the size of the Stay Puff marshmallow man, hobbling up and down hills in …

My 3 Pumpkins

Guy on the left is a correction of the squirrel/rat/rabbit eaten one. On the right was made this morn using last weeks template. Both were coated in red pepper spray to try to stop the critters this week. The one in the middle? I have no idea. Ps. Those are roaches in the mouth and …


BNA2LAX Originally uploaded by beuk Noise cancelling headphones, Dora the explorer and her rabbit and Gmakes the trip to L.A. in style. Oh, by the way, we are back in theland of the Internet connected again.

Rainy day chasing bunnies in the carport

Coming back from breakfast we found the crazy lady walking her bunny. I say crazy because she thinks walking our dog is strange and a lil kid shouldn’t chase rabbits. “Bunnies are very nervous.” Really? Bunnies are very skittish creatures that will bolt when a 1 year old comes running after them? I did not …

What’s in a name?

Many of you have asked questions around:What is the baby’s name?How do you say it?What about her Chinese name?Where did ‘X’ come from? But before we get to that… I am reading a book called “Beyond Coincidence.” It is a great book from B that talks about all the crazy coincidences in life. Things like …

Today’s Special

This sign was found at a well known restaurant in downtown Shanghai. It is your typical run-of-the-mill today’s special announcement. It is also very cheap at only 5 yuan (~$.60) per item! The only problem is the translation is: Tu Tou or … Rabbit’s Head! Now, my friend who I had lunch with tried to …