This sign was found at a well known restaurant in downtown Shanghai. It is
your typical run-of-the-mill today’s special announcement. It is also very
cheap at only 5 yuan (~$.60) per item! The only problem is the translation
is: Tu Tou or … Rabbit’s Head! Now, my friend who I had lunch with tried
to convince me that this is a little expensive at $.60/head. I say, it
depends on what is the size of the head. Rather then debate the merits of
how much you should pay for a rabbit head, I would rather pose these
Where are the rabbits? Are they alive or dead? Do you get a shipment of
frozen rabbit heads everyday or do you have a cage of live rabbits and then
chop their heads off on order? What do you do with the rest of the rabbit?
Is tomorrow’s special rabbit foot?
Sometimes it is better NOT to understand. Enjoy your lunch!