Not all those who wander are lost

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I remember long ago,
my sister and I put on a show.
We dressed up in my mother’s clothes,
and put on wigs and pantyhose.
We walked around the house that day,
with a wig, old and gray.
We fooled my dog and my dad,
but when we did, he didn’t get mad.
My mom laughed hard and long,
we looked like her, twice as strong.
That day was good and very funny,
but next time we’ll do it for the money.



And 55 minutes later I am in Sweden.

“It’s sweet to be in the rain and sleet as my two lil feet walk down the street IN SWEDEN!” It could not have been easier. Around noon I headed out from my hotel to the S-train, took it down to the center station, transferred to the train to the airport and to Sweden and …