Not all those who wander are lost

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A day in photos

Since, I have been taking this online photo class by Amber Ludlow, I have started looking at things in different ways. I am not saying that I have become that much better of a photographer, but I have come to the point where I am willing to beat my wife over the head in order …

A hole

When I sent this to Blogger, I did not mean for it to become the TOP post, but anyway. This is a bar in SanLiTun. Ironically, you need to go “up the backside” of this bar to reach another bar. Now why doesn’t anyone see a problem with naming their bar Ahole?  


We think they mean shoot as in photo shoot, but I know plenty of people in Georgia where this sign might have a whole other meeting. Don’t we call a Happy Together Shooting Plan – Thanksgiving? —- 
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Only in Denmark

Overheard at dinner: Waitress: “Are you Finished?”Customer: “No, I’m Danish, but you can take my plate.” — Dude. this would be the wrong town to visit! — Well, at least there is a process.