The Great Camel Ride

After our tour on foot, we let the camels take us back up to see the pyramids. B loved it and DID NOT FALL OFF!

Great Pyramid of Cheops

This is the great pyramid of Cheops. We were the first people into the area that morning and we even got to go inside this pyramid (no pictures). It was amazing! Check out the white camels that the cops are using. I guess police always need to have a white cruiser. Also, note you can […]

Beach Camel Rides?

In case the view, sand, windsurfing, and relaxation didn’t do it for you…there are always the ever popular beach camel rides!

What is wrong with this picture?

We had an interesting experience in Giza. These local Cairo girls and theirfriend kept coming up to B and wanting to take pictures with her.Why? They did not even notice me and did not seem to want me in thepicture. Their first picture failed and so they tracked us down to takeanother one. Why? What […]

Where in the world is Carmen BeuknBecca?

So, we have passed the point in our lives where we can just throw a dart at a map of the world and say let’s go where ever it lands. If we did that, chances are we will end up going someplace we have already been. If you know B, you know that she has […]