A lil Easter song

After the kiddos, who normally would sleep until 8, raced downstairs to see if the Easter Bunny came during Corona, I made up this lil Easter song. Enjoy! Strummed slowly. Ukulele chords. Transpose up 5 for guitar. MAKING WAFFLES by Chris(D) Making waffles in the morning with (G) you(D) Is on of my favorite things […]

I will fear you NOT Easter Bunny!

After the meltdown at the soccer camp with the “lil kickers” bunny. Baby G has bounced back and overcome her fear of men in suits. Her first question, “Why is one hand soft and one hand not soft?”. Why indeed lil G, why indeed.

Tons of time

Planning an Easter dinner for 14? No problem. Have only 4 hours after church? Pleeaasseeee… That means there is plenty of time to knock this dress out the night before and have kiddo debut it at church. All in a days work for Super Becca!