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In an effort to draw focus to our giving and activities, we have decided on three key elements:  God, kids and animals.  While not a hard and fast rule, these three areas are where we choose to donate our time and efforts.  Please see some of the current projects below.

Current Projects

Take Action Today to Save our Homestay Program

Dear Friend,

Help us raise $20,000 and keep our homestay open through 2020!  Our homestay program is a safe accommodation service designed for young survivors of trafficking and exploitation. It’s integrated with Destiny’s livelihood and shelter home programs to help empower women and prevent re-exploitation. This is one of our most effective initiatives and it’s also the service that is in most demand. Therefore we need your support to continue running this program.

We have a funding shortage for this critical program due to one of our supporting foundations closing their investments across India, including their grant to Destiny. So we need to raise $20,000 to keep this program open through 2020 while we engage with new foundations and individual donors for longer term support.

The homestay service currently includes a large furnished apartment in Kolkata, which can host up to ten vulnerable women (we currently have nine residents). A staff house-mother also lives in the home where she provides mentoring on managing money, cooking, and general safety. The service also includes access to workplace training and livelihood options, as well as counselling where necessary. We also provide emergency financial funding for the residents.

Young women with a history of exploitation and servitude are often not ready to live safely when they first leave the shelter home at 18 years of age. They need a strong community of support, a livelihood, and a safe home. Without this help many are vulnerable and sadly many will fall prey to predators once again.

$20,000 will help us keep the service running for another year, while we seek longer term grant opportunities to sustain this program beyond 2020. But your donation, however large or small, will greatly appreciated! If you would like further information or have any questions before making a decision to donate, please email us at [email protected].

To donate via paypal, click the icon below or go to, or alternatively contact us at [email protected]. If you’re in the US, your donation is tax exempt and we will send a receipt.

Thank you so much for your continued support of Destiny. We are so fortunate to have a network of friends!


Smarita and the Destiny Team

PickUpWicker – cleaning up your very own neighborhood

Lawrence Hall – fostering and education in Chicago.

Previous Projects

Surge: The Speakeasy Our dear family friend, Shilpa Alva is running Surge and providing clean drinking water around the world.

End Human Trafficking 2016 Campaign in India

Back to India – 2017 Campaign in India to “hack” schools.

Other Organizations

The following is a list of other organizations we actively support: