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Articles from Asia

Technically these count as well from our time in Asia and when I was written up in Supply Chain mags: Businesswire Supply Chain Tech News           ChAina  

Swimmer of the Month

My mom recently cleaned house and returned a bunch of stuff to me from my childhood.  The kids have enjoyed seeing this article from when my sister and I spent all our waking hours in the pool.  I just realized this counts for my categorization of times I was mentioned in articles :)

As Seen in the Economic Daily News

You know the old Army saying: We do more before 8am then most people do all day? Well, B does more in one month than most people do all year. Check these out: 1. First she thinks she is still a Professor and has to chase some mystical rainbow by getting published. No, just kidding, …

As seen on the BBC

Yes ’tis true. We have made the news again! This time on the BBC. Our recent trip to Harbin received some attention when I posted the tigers eating a cow video on YouTube. Here is the link to the story on the BBC that aired on March 21st, 2007: If you have troubles playing …

11 Tips for doing Buisness in China

1. BRING BUSINESS CARDS – you will need a lot of these and will need to hand them out to everyone at work situations. It is good to hand them to everyone even though you will see some managers only hand them to a few people. Handing out many shows you are no better then …

As Seen in the New York Times

That’s right! We were written up in the NY Times. We were out and about the city one day when a reporter called Rebecca and asked if they could come shoot our house and interview us as to why we chose to live in the city. The article was a justification of Mayor Daley’s drive …