You know the old Army saying:

We do more before 8am then most people do all day?

Well, B does more in one month than most people do all year. Check these out:

1. First she thinks she is still a Professor and has to chase some mystical rainbow by getting published. No, just kidding, BUT she did get written up as a contributor in this months Transfer Pricing for Financial Services where she is the Taiwan TP Manager! Congrats! Now I know all of you are just going to race out to your newsstand and grab a copy, right? Right?

2. Second she is making headlines in Taipei:
The article says she did something somewhere with someone somehow and she was GREAT!
This brings the family news archive up to 3!

3. Last but not least she jet-sets off to London and Paris for 10 days. She can’t spell Tube, but she is there none the less and seems to know more than the locals.

Now while she can continue to post even while traveling I seem locked into monkeying with my blog. I enjoy messing with the behinds the scenes code way more than actually blogging. Besides, who has that much to say?

I recently found Twitalyzer and now I am like a dieter trying to fit into skinny jeans. You see I am not influential and not generous*. Don’t you love it when even technology can put you down?

*…but I want to be :) PM me in Twitter (@beuktv) and I will add you. Maybe next week I can move up to #17,572!