Today I learned that there is a right way to cook gizzards. In the quest to find foods suitable for a 1 year old from Allergyville, we move on to Ghee and Gizzards.  Now ghee I get.  Use it like butter, see if you need to stab baby with Epi pen, but the gizzards are a different story.

I thought since they were chicken, you just cook them like chicken.

  • ADD oil
  • ADD salt & pepper
  • FRY

Not so.  Turns out you are supposed to clean them.  I’m skipping that step for two reasons.  One, they came from Whole Foods and I don’t pay exorbitant prices to have to clean my food and Two, I will use my favorite piece of cooking advice, which is:

Anything that can survive being boiled or baked deserves to kill me.

So, we moved onto grilling, but I skipped boiling, who knew?  Turns out you should boil them for 15 min to:

a: make them tender
b: cook the insides
c: kill the nasty chicken bacteria
d: all of the above

So, I am now trying them boiled and then will re-fire.  I discovered my mistake when I ate one and it was tough and the center was pink.  We’ll toss in some flour and hopefully the scotch kills whatever was in the pink.

  • CLEAN gizzards
  • BOIL 15 min
  • SHAKE in bag with flour, salt, pepper
  • FRY UP in Ghee
  • EAT in Glee