Ryanair is now going to charge customers to use the toilet on the plane.  They will take out two toilets and add 6 seats.  That got me thinking:

A standard Boeing 737 which Ryan operates each has a capacity of 190 passengers.
Add 6 for the new toilets and we get, 196.
If each person carries 4 bits (let's say 2 quarters, because I am American) for the "Just In-Case" chance they may need to use the loo.
and each quarter weighs 5.67 grams we get:

196 * 2 * 5.67 = 2222.64 grams or 4.9 pounds.

That is an additional 4.9 pounds of weight that is now being carried on the plane that may not have before.  It makes sense that 5lbs is lighter than two rooms of toilets especially when gaining 6 potential paying customers, but don't forget that those 6 customers (avg. 180lbs a.) now equate to 1080 additional onboard pounds plus the magazines, snacks, drinks etc.. to accommodate them.  I would not be surprised if these flights actually use the Southwest trick of flying slower to conserve fuel.

The other issue is that with passengers not able to go to the loo they will now have to hold it longer, meaning more weight during landing that the plane could have jettisoned earlier.

Guess they are going to have to stop serving frank and beans on Ryan Air too!

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