New pictures are up from my trip to Minorities Park with my friends. I felt really blessed to have this opportunity to study children in the wild. So, that B knows I was actually studying something about kids today here is what I learned:

* Kids get dirty (eg. You get dirty)
* I can go a day without making kids cry
* Orange popsicles solve all
* Strollers + stairs = no fun
* Baby wipes, baby wipes, baby wipes
* You don’t have to change other people’s kid’s diapers

M & AM are just fantastic kids. All of China and I know it because collectively we spent more time staring at the kids than the park we were strolling through. The word for today was “false advertising” which besides being my prayer that these two are not false advertising into what having a kid is like and that my child will be just as good,well behaved and wonderful as these two, but it was also the word that sent AM into fits of laughter everytime I said it.