I just found out that half of Portugal is looking at my blog! Under the maps link I can see where people are coming from on my site. I was very surprised and pleased to find several cities in Portugal. Here were today’s cities:

  • 1) Beijing, Anhui
  • 2) Waitsfield, Vermont
  • 3) Sines, Setubal
  • 4) Lisbon, Lisboa
  • 5) Porto
  • 6) Lisbon, Lisboa
  • 7) Faro
  • 8) Porto
  • 9) Coimbra
  • 10) Reynoldsburg, Ohio

To my friends in the U.S. I have to say, “Where the hell are you?” I don’t know a damn person in Portugal, yet there are more people reading my blog there than in the States. How can that be? I know I’m have to be funnier in English than Portuguese. Tell your friends and click on my site once and a while. The only people I can think of that could be coming from Europe are B’s company and I hope they are scouting us out so they can move us there when we are done with Beijing (fingers crossed).

To my new friends from Portugal, “Boa vinda.” I promise I will keep doing whatever it is you find so interesting. So for now, “Christmas alegre e ano novo feliz de Beijing.”