Run! It’s the cops., originally uploaded by beuk.

Saw this today, and I must admit I know I am not supposed to take pictures

of police, government, military, etc… which is why it is a bad picture,

but I snapped it for the story. I was walking by the Nanjing Temple area,

between the mall and the temple where all the street vendors have their

blankets spread out with their wares. I know now why they have them on

blankets, because all of a sudden one guy starts singing this loud song,

then everyone started singing it. Before I knew what was happening all the

vendors had rolled up their blankets and were running. I looked up and saw

the police coming from around the corner and out of a van that screeched to

a halt on the street. It was an old fashioned raid. I minded my own

business walking through the chaos, crossed the street to Burger King,

looked back and snapped this picture. In the picture you can see the white

helmets of the police trying to catch who ever was too slow to escape. The

same rule for surviving crocodiles applies here: I do not have to be fast,

I just have to be faster then you!