Taiwan flag overload

Taiwan flag overload Originally uploaded by beuk China celebrates 60 yr. of Communist rule and the next week Taiwan uslittered with flags. Hmmm…

What is in a name?

I am having a tough time getting the picture to look right, but you guys get the idea. This is a simple worksheet of what to call the people in your family in Asia. In the U.S. everybody is just Aunt “So and So” and Uncle “John.” Grandma and Grandpa might be differentiated by first […]

Marine Challenge

I don’t know if it is Post-911 blues or what, but like missing out learning a second language since birth, I also would have liked to have been in the military. That said, If you can’t join ’em, beat ’em (or at least try). I have successfully gotten to September with my New Year’s resolution […]

Another pool weekend

Another pool weekend Originally uploaded by beuk One nice thing about Taiwan’s heat is we get to spend the weekends inthe pool. Hey someone has to do it.

No talking in the elevator!

No talking in the elevator!Originally uploaded by beuk Taipei has gone a lil overboard with swine flu scare. Not only dopeople wear masks on a regular basis, but our daughter’s school hasinstituted a whole bunch of new daily rules:1. Sanitize hands2. Have temperature taken3. Change shoes4. No trips abroad5. If you feel ill stay home […]

Delta + Northwest = South’s Worst!

RANT WARNING ~LEVEL 4!~ You may have read my recent Delta rant. I left off another side story I thought I should share. We recently booked a trip using Skymiles. We only had so many in my Delta account and so many in B’s NWA account so we had to split the bookings. It came […]