Not all those who wander are lost

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Sumo Hot Pot, Japan

Not sure if you are going to find this one in the guide books. Amazing lil 3 chef, reservation only, restaurant on a street in Ebisu filled with great restaurants. This is NOT a vegetarian stop. Menu items were: cow tongue, pig intestine and horse nape fat! (the tongue was mouth watering :)

Music and the Move

So, the move to Taiwan did not turn out to be all Guns and Roses (bad pun, sorry. Read on). My 300GB USB disk drive decided it was time to die. Why it could not die BEFORE we moved I will never get a chance to ask it (sob). This was at the same time …

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

So, see if you can follow this one. Forgetting all about my whirlwind trip through Chicago yesterday I had a whirlwind day! I went from Shanghai to Hong Kong to Taipei to see my house for the first time with our things in it. B has done a great job getting it set and everything …