#2 – Dark & Stormy

This morning I thought about our newly crafted blog here and wondered when the next zufall would befall us. A simple conversation at lunch about AT&T U-verse and switching off Comcast was quickly followed by the AT&T U-verse truck nearly running us over as we crossed the street.  TTC 10 minutes But …

Ghee & Gizzards

Today I learned that there is a right way to cook gizzards. In the quest to find foods suitable for a 1 year old from Allergyville, we move on to Ghee and Gizzards.  Now ghee I get.  Use it like butter, see if you need to stab baby with Epi …

Potato Gnocchi Nite

Tonight we made CSAlad, dark chocolate cookies, bakes tilapia that was to die for, and we rolled potato gnocchi until the wee hours of 7:30. Yawn. Having the potato skins with eggs tomorrow and then running to burn off the calories.

Dora the Cake

Unbelievable what people have time to figure out.  I thought we had a debt crisis, but rather than apply brain cycles to figuring it out it is comforting to note that we can at least make decent cakes.