Frankie’s Home

Gotta get this post up quick to scoop Rebecca. Frankie is home! After 6 months, 21 days, and more paper work than you can shake a stick at (pun intended) Frankie has once again rejoined our family. He and Gioia get along fine. They kind of ignore each other. Gioia is a lil “over it” and Frankie thinks G is a play toy when you swing her around too much. I can already see that the water bowl is going to be a problem.

For those of you keeping score at home, the current travel count is:

Frankie(5) – Chicago, Beijing, Shanghai, Nashville, Atlanta
Gioia(5) – China, Japan, Hawaii, Taiwan, Hong Kong, (coming soon: Singapore and Turkey)

So the question you gotta ask yourself is, has my dog and less than 1 year old daughter travelled more than you?
We can help you fix that ;) Come see us.

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