In an effort to maintain normalcy, we are sticking to our routine times. On Wednesdays we have two ballet classes and one speed skating class. Right now, I have all three kiddos cranking out their classes via at home workouts AT THE SAME TIME! I don’t know what the requirements are for Dad of the […]

Stormtroopers, Here we come!

Mark my words, we will have stormtroopers soon. This is the first step. Apparently, this company has developed glasses to measure the temperature of mass amounts of people all at once. While I think this is super cool personally, I recognize that we are one step away from having this built into all white bio […]

Daddy School Tip 1: Alexa Reminders

When we had physical schools, I distinctly remember the sound of the bell signaling the changing of the classes. With the new WFH paradigm and parents conference calls sometimes carrying over the hour, that is a routine that is difficult to manage for three littles and their schedule. Today we will be experimenting with Alexa […]


Sam·ne·sia/SamˈnēZHə/Learn to pronouncenoun that feeling you get when it is 8am and your son has already annoyed everyone in the family and you wish you could forget and start the day again. “they were suffering from Samnesia”

Meditation with the Moon Jellies

Day 7: 9:00am on the Lido Deck kitchen floor our family held meditation with the Monterey Moon Jellies. It was lovely. What an amazing idea! They also have live cams on their website, but 6:20am in California, doesn’t show too much ;)

Day 5: Still alive

Managed to shop at IKEA just before the fall of the Canadian empire. Sweet, sweet deals on new chairs for our triage WFH setups. (Huge shoutout to one of our favorite stores, the Singing lady for B’s new office desk!) We check in on the grandparents every once in awhile. We have advised them to […]