Meet your new office

I recently posted an article on what to do with your kids while they are at home during #COVID_19, but what can parents that now have to adjust to working from home do?

  • Learn – Now is a great time to learn a new skill. Code? New technology? Take a class? There are numerous sources of free learning online. Here is a tiny sample of some I am considering:
  • Apps – Now is a great time to test out new apps with the family.
    • – is one I am excited about. With a new paradigm in Home Schooling, we need a way to collaborate and work together. I’m hoping Cozi helps in scheduling.
  • Get a desk – WFH takes change. If both parents are at home, are you setup for BOTH of you to be productive? We will be reassessing our environment this weekend, but I do know that we will need a 2nd desk to counter act sitting in a bed for three weeks.
  • Home Improvement – If you have to be at home, there is no better time to make some improvements.
    • Paint – got a room that needs painting? Tackle it in between conference calls. Use your free child labor. Don’t worry, no one even wants to know on your door to check on you.
    • Hang pictures – you know you need to do this…
    • Plant – just like with the kids, you can plant too. Think of even larger projects like redoing the flower beds or nailing together some raised beds.
    • Rearrange – now is a good time to try a new look in your room by moving furniture around.
    • Electrical Switches – look for ways to improve your green footprint around the house by installing
  • Sew
  • Read

Note: I started to post this weeks ago and it got stuck I drafts. Interesting to see how much of this remains true. Reading? Not so much.