A friend recently asked me on Facebook to get bored with him by using the “Moment” app.  While I am not a fan of the app tracking my location all the time in the background and draining my battery, it does have a point.  We need to figure out ways to STOP receiving so much information in our lives. Here are some ideas that I am wrestling with:

  • B and I have pondered is to leave our phones outside the bedroom before we sleep.  I like the idea, but I feel the withdrawal will kill me.
  • During Lent, I deleted the Facebook app.  This helped considerably and my overall usage is way down ever since.
  • I am using the “mute” function on Twitter to mute, “Trump.”  You might say that this is politically motivated and you could have a case, but I say it is really a reduction in content.  It does not stop me from seeing the news because our political climate is dominating the news cycles, but it does drastically cut down on negativity and allow me space to review other content.
  • I also use filters to send to trash in Gmail.  I am a huge proponent of the zero unread inbox.  The only way to do this is filter to trash, or folders, all non-direct content.  It works great and really takes the anxiety away of feeling like you have to read every single email.

What are your tips?