More Beer, More Meat, More Banana, originally uploaded by beuk.

So, the Dutch football team had a little (sic) dinner the other night to say

goodbye to folks heading off for the holidays. We had 16 people at Tairyo

Tempanyaki. A fabulous chain in Shanghai where they cook the food right in

front of you. Here was the catch. It was all you can eat! So we started

with bottles of beer and sake for the table. Then sushi as an appetizer,

followed by shrimp, ribs, chicken, steak, vegetables, rice, and fried

bananas. Round 1 complete. Second verse, same as the first with more

sushi, shrimp, etc… Everything was delicious, but would the second round

satisfy the foreigners? Hell no… Third round with MORE shrimp, MORE beef,

(“Hey! Bring me some banana”) MORE ribs, (“Miss, where is the beer?”) MORE,

MORE, MORE! Phew…. a few more shrimp….”oh, that is for table 12? Not

anymore”. We must have eaten this poor restaurant out of business. I just

know that when we got there the refrigerator was full of beer and 4 hours

later it was empty. Grand total for this bacchanalia? 150RMB per person

($18USD) for 4 hours straight of eating and drinking. Unbelievable