So, I am sitting at the chicago fire/real madrid game at soldier field today.  A beautiful day, stadium, and time.  I love the layout of the stadium, no matter where you are you feel like you are right on the field.  So, with everything so perfect and it being halftime in the game we stand in line for a burger and fries. 

Eveyone is waiting, the line is long and ever so slow.  We finally reach the front, I place my order and + am told:
"we do not have food at this station.  Just drinks."

What?  You have got to be kidding me.  I wait in line,  you are connected by the same counter, the burgers are right there, and THERE IS NO SIGN! Why, why, why when there is something so simple, so basic like serving food, at a stadium the is so modern, and has experienced crowds before, do Americans manage to fuck it up? 

Figure it out, post a sign, or sel food.  Why is everything always a new lesson?  Ahhhhhgggg!  To add insult to injury, irumor has it that the station I stood in line for started selling food soon after I left.  Thanks for nothing.

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